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With over a decade in volunteer youth ministry and 32 years as an entrepreneur with a deep and diverse resume and career pinnacle achievements, a touch and go stay in intensive care in July 2017, relying on oxygen to breath, was the beginning of my impact reality check.

God was asking me to use everything for maximum first fruits, instead of after I build this thing fruits ( my mode at the time ).

Practically that means helping jolt other entrepreneurs out of autopilot with personalized impact strategies - leveraging unique abilities, gifts and blessings.

Natural talents developed into strengths can give you 35X results & FREES UP YOUR TIME!

There’s more…..and it’s counter cultural:

Pairing your strengths with others with strengths that complement yours will compounds results and bring greater ease so that you can do more of what you are called to do, now!

Yes~ this means flipping your narrative from developing weaknesses to investing in developing strengths!!!

From working with over 5,000 Entrepreneur’s StrengthsFinder® results,

I discovered 11 insights, 7 key patterns and that most entrepreneurs spend less than 40% of their time in their natural abilities.

Our proprietary frameworks focus on getting you to 80%.

  • ASSETS Inventory



  • Impact Reverse Canvas

We each have our zone of gifting.

God created me to naturally excel at hearing the unspoken, bringing clarity and shining a light on what others cannot see, seeing innovative personalized strategies and making mutual win connections. When I can use all of these abilities to help others do more of what they are created to do and lights them up ( 1000 Watts! ), impact work, you will see me light up like a stadium!

Do you want to start maximizing your abilities and blessings to your mission, now?

Here is how I can help….

  • CLARITY ON YOUR 1000 Watts

  • clarity on your impact mission

  • a personalized reverse engineered strategy


  • team plan - complementary STRENGTHS BASED

  • mutual win connections

If any of this resonates, I would love to connect!

Lisa Ferguson

Matthew 25: 14-30